WTS: Various Custom Arcade Stick Cases and....Soaps?- $35-50 Each Shipped (U.S Only) Check 1st Post


2 cases added. a big batch is coming, but only god knows when i’ll be able to finish them. i’m truly sorry to all who have been in the queue waiting. i haven’t heard back from some but they are still in the process of being made.


dude, that all wood case looks amazing. might have to order another one. I actually prefer the all wood ones.


Dude! Those builds look so nice. Sending you a PM


his cases are solid!


@devastator what cases are currently complete and up for sale? I don’t know if your pix are what you’re capable of making to order, or what’s complete and ready for sale.


The 2 cases were sold the same day that I posted them. No cases are complete atm.



Just got my case the other day, I gotta say I love the build quality on these. They feel sturdy, and I love the size. Now I just need to order a stick and PCB.

EDIT: Forgot pic


Received my walnut case earlier this week.

The case feels heavy and sturdy.
The wood and finish looks amazing.
Great communication.

Cons (minor cons):
The process took a long time.
The bottom panel doesn’t fit exactly to the top portion. The plexi is just slightly bigger than the case itself.
The one thing that actually bothers me about the case is the fact that the clear coat feels a little sticky on some parts of the case (hopefully this goes away with time).

Overall I’m loving the case and would recommend.


That is beautiful! I’d love one of those.


Holy shit that walnut case is godlike.


lol all of them are nice. I’m interested. Is there a website? Contact? R u in Cali?


Is this dead? I’m really interested


still very much alive. i just added a plywood case. not my best work but with a little tlc, it can look nice. it’s $22 shipped if anyone is interested. stay tuned for more folks. my job is giving me days off now because i’m always going into overtime and they only have themselves to blame for that shit…plywood case is sold.


I’m extremely interested also. I pm’d you with some questions


PM sent


pm’s replied. @geni , i replied to you on the the 26th so i’m not sure what your recent pm means by “that” stick.


Bump! I received my walnut case a few days ago. @devastator is a busy dude, but this little thing is great.

The process takes a little while, but communication was always there. If you choose to order-- be patient and let the guy work.

Pictures later!



PM Sent


Case came in today! @devastator was extremely responsive during the process.

Extremely happy with the case. Once I get this stained, have some artwork and wire it up, I’ll be sure to share some pics.