WTS: Various Custom Arcade Stick Cases and....Soaps?- $35-50 Each Shipped (U.S Only) Check 1st Post


5 cases added. $35 each shipped.


just got another case from @devastator, amazing work like usual!




Received my case 2 days ago and it is exactly what I wanted. Would highly recommend these cases.


Yeah man Devastator makes grade A stuff. Just got my case in today. It’s gorgeous.


5 new cases added. Price drop on the cherry case due to tan lines from the tape holding the plexi(won’t be doing that anymore). Let me know if you want additional pictures. I’m not a big fan of purpleheart due to its tendency to chip easily while routing. i had to patch up some parts on this case as well as another one coming up.


YO!!! That Paduk, and Purple heart stick really have a beautiful look to them! and that Zebra wood is extremely nice as well!!!


I’m tempted to buy that Paduk case. Very satisfied with the one you made for me. Thanks!






Really impressed with the Zebra Wood Stick, well made… Need a few more parts but this is awesome thank you @devastator


i appreciate the +feedback everyone. Now i’m going to throw something about as random as you can get for sale. I bought a boat load of soap loafs from a wholesale site. i know it’s more on the feminine side but they can be great for just about anyone and they smell pretty damn awesome. they measure about 3 1/8 x 2 1/2 and i’ll cut them in 1/2 inch thick pieces. I’m looking to sell them in batches of 5 pieces for $20 shipped. Oh, and more cases coming soon.



Hit up smash forums ez sale


Hahaha that’s very true


I’m interested in the wide body Mahogany, but I’d like to purchase a Korean stick in it. Is that a possible request?


Do you mean the wide body birch case? It can only fit a Korean stick with a sanwa plate.


Just received mine! Bought the cherry/purpleheart hitbox and I’m super excited about it. Looks beautiful, exactly as described, and the whole transaction from the first message to receiving the box was 3 days.


2 Cases added. They were built for Happ/IL joysticks so let me know what option you’re going to go with so i can pre drill the holes. I’ll be resigning from my job on november 10, so i’ll be able to make a good amount of cases until i get another job.


Hey man. Do you have any left that can fit a JLF and sanwa buttons? Thanks.


the 2 cases for sale in the opening post can fit your requests. i’ll just have to do a bit of drilling. i’m also about to add a zebrawood case that was meant for a fanta joystick, but i’ll also have to drill holes if the buyer wants to use an alternate. i am finally free to do some work that i actually enjoy so i’ll be back in the lab later today.


@devastator what dimensions do you use for your slim sticks like the slim red oak?