WTS: Various Custom Arcade Stick Cases and....Soaps?- $35-50 Each Shipped (U.S Only) Check 1st Post


Thanks. Did finish that zebrawood case? I’ll wait on that one if still available.


that case in particular was about 11.5 x 9. i think from now on since the sheets of acrylic that i buy are 18x24, and to make my cases more cost effective, they will most likely be in cuts of 10 x 7.5 and 8 x 6 for a smaller case.

@poisonmar - this is what the case looks like. i still didn’t drill the jlf holes and you’ll probably need to purchase the jlf shaft/dustwasher set since that 35mm hole is almost the same size as a standard dustwasher to prevent any jamming. you can pm me with any other ?s


more jap cases incoming? send a pm before you post them here(I get the mgo team advantage lol)

i kinda sold that stick I bought from you…wasnt even looking to sell it !


the zebrawood case that i linked in the above post just needs the top and bottom joystick screws. i’ll knock those out tomorrow if you’d be interested in that case. that one would be $46 shipped.


holes already drilled?

I will let you know, first I wanna make sure this other joystick I have is out the way first(dont want too many I already have 3 in the house lol)


Do you have any hitbox cases available?


yes. i’ll be using pine for larger cases and i might mix and match black limba/poplar for a standard size. i also have 2 chechen wood standard cases that can have a hitbox layout.



What’s size on Zebrawood frame?


it’s 11 5/8 x 8 5/8. it’ll be on hold for a couple of days. you can pm me if you want another case geni. i’m ready to start after getting my garage cleaned up.


2 Cases added. I will begin work on cases for @justplainlucky and @Sanchees3 tomorrow.




Are you still willing to send cases to the uk for additional shipping? I read on previous post it was like adding $11 etc but would calculate for the address.


i sent a case to chile not too long ago and it cost $56 to ship to that area. i feel that’s a bit pricey for the customer to have to pay that much so that was my final international shipment.


3 cases added. if you’d like one before Christmas, the latest ship date will be on the 20th. the mini black limba will need snap ins for the option buttons.


@devastator would a six button hit box layout fit on the mini black limba?


yes it will. the birch case and zebrawood case are pending.


Hey! I was wondering if you’re accepting orders at this time? Would definitely be interested in a maple or walnut wide body.


at first i planned on starting up commissions in february, but that might not be the case anymore since there’s a chance i’ll have 2 jobs soon. i’m going to pump out as many of my standard cases as i can before the forums close. there may be some wide body ones in there as well. i’ll leave all of my social media links on the first page as i still plan on making cases so you guys can just message me there. a maple/walnut case has been added.


black limba/maple combo added. it’s completely blank so you can customize it however you please and i’ll get to work on it. i’ll do the same for a country maple case that’s almost done.


Got my maple hitbox. Excellent work. Love the case.