WTS: Various Custom Arcade Stick Cases and....Soaps?- $35-50 Each Shipped (U.S Only) Check 1st Post


Do you have any wide-body boxes available/plan on doing any in the future? I bought the purpleheart/cherry hitbox a few months ago and I love it, but I’d like to get something a wider so it fits my lap better.


I also would love to pick up a Widebody Hitbox in the future, these look fantastic.


Hi everyone, things have been real busy ever since I started a Facebook and Instagram thread. (Maybe I should delete those posts.) A lot of commissions have come from those 2 in particular. I’m trying to get them done in a timely fashion but now that I’m working again, the struggle will begin. I’ll have to start up a queue again. I have 5 cases to build for customers so I’ll update the first page tomorrow


Devastator does some awesome work, just finished my new Hitbox tonight


Holy shit, that dbfz case is unreal :open_mouth:


Custom “mix” box case he made a while back. The craft is amazing.


New cases added folks. Check the top of the page.


Shot you a pm.


Interested in a non-hitbox with a plexi face (but it looks like 1 and 4 are sold). LMK when you update your stock with something like that. I’m not too picky. Thanks!


I love to purchase a hitbox case #2, please let me know when their back in stock, thank you!


pm’d :smile:


PM incoming.


Will be PMing soon :grin:


Want to thank @Devastator for making this awesome affordable case, you do excellent work sir. Just finished my hitbox :slight_smile:


How’s it going? Are you making cases currently? Know you said you were taking a break.
If so lmk.


These look great. Also interested in a Hitbox layout. Would pref the box to be at least 14 to 15 inches long


You still selling hitbox cases?
If so I’d love one like this https://ibb.co/fLBXxa


i’m still making cases. i’ll try and have some for sale by the end of the month. the hitbox i have won’t look like the walnut one you linked, but it’s a decent size,


Is it still U.S only? as I will need shipping to the uk


I saw some of your other ones, so I know it will look good anyway. I’m not worried about aesthetics. Also can you make the layout of the buttons like this? https://goo.gl/images/XknwQq