WTS: Various Games, JP PS2 Imports

Everything sold. Thanks!

Prices lowered
New stuff added

interested in MGS collection

is it in really good condition? any pictures?

yes, very good condition, i’ll pm you some pics when i get on my lunch break in about an hour

if DH020 doesn’t want it ill take it off your hands.

u got a picture of the ex2?


some pics of the hori ex 2 for those asking. both are identical. no scratches/marks, etc.

can i just stick the ex2 into the pc and play or do i need some software for it?

POSSIBLE dibs on one of those EX2s or BOTH if Agent X backs down.

tsukihimeblood: PM sent.

it should automatically download the drivers for it. unfortunately you have to do some fandangling to get it to work with mame and some fighting games (melty blood) but there is a thread in the tech forums that shows how to do it.

screw that mastermind can have them

some prices lowered. i don’t think i’m going to bother with int. shipping as it is pretty expensive and kind of a hassle to go to the post office to see how much the shipping is.

to the two int. people interested i sent a pm with how much i was told it would be shipped. let me know if you are still interested or if you want me to take it off hold for you.

If you can hold Hokuto no Ken until my next paycheck (next tues) I’ll gladly take it off your hands.

Is metal gear collection still up for grabs?

You’ll have my money for that stick no later than end of day Friday the 11th. And that uh…shipping arrangement that I talked with you about will still need to happen. :rofl:

Paypal sent. :tup:


Received the Hori stick today! Plays pretty awesome, and I’ve already got modding ideas for it once I beat up the buttons.

Left feedback in the feedback forum! :tup: Thanks boss!