WTS: Various Merchandise (Rare Collectible Posters/Items, Games, other Merchandise)


-Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition for PS3, NA Region. PM for best offer. (Signed, only 200 copies were ever signed by Yoshinori Kitase and Yusuke Naora, and not all of the ones signed were Collector’s Editions. Brand New Condition, was only taken out of the shrink wrap for the signing itself. Game, Blu-Ray Soundtrack, Art Book, and Lithographs are all included in perfect condition) SOLD!

-Persona 3 Portable Pre Order Bonus (Junpei Iori hat) $60 (Or PM with best offer) Condition is good, never worn once. Save for some dust and hairs, it has no noticeable defects. Tag is very slightly worn.


-Wii U Skylanders Swap Force Basic Set (NO CONSOLE) $80 Completely untouched, box was only opened to obtain the Wii U itself. Comes with three figures, game, and summoning portal.


-Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Apron $30 (Or best offer). Promotional Item received from the Food Fight Marvel 3 launch event.


-Skullgirls Squiggly Promotional Poster $20 Excellent Condition (Obtained at EVO2013)



-Playstation All-Stars Nathan Drake Promotional Poster $20 (Obtained at Wednesday Night Fights when they ran PSA)


-Blazblue: Continuum Shift Promotional Poster $10 Good Condition (Obtained at SCR 2010)[/s]

-Various PSP Games (All Used. Comes with case and manual, games themselves are in excellent condition


Prices for these are as follows:
Persona 3 Portable (NA Region) - $15
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (JP Region. Corner of case is damaged, game itself is otherwise in excellent condition. Comes with a Square-Enix Members JP code, though I don’t know if it’s still valid or not. THIS IS NOT FINAL MIX, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Non-Greatest Hits Version.) - $25
Tales of VS. (Asia Region) - $25
Persona 4 The Golden Limited Edition Vita Case (Fits a 3DS XL. HINT HINT.) - $30

-JP Region Ceramic White Playstation 2 (Used, good condition. Comes with cables. Memory Card slot door is damaged, but does not affect the performance of the device at all. One of the decorative bits on the front is also loose, but again, it does not affect the PS2’s ability to play games/save game data.) - $90

-Tales of Destiny 2 (JP Region, Like New) - 20
-Namco X Capcom (JP Region, Good Condition) - 20


-Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (NA Region, Good Condition) - 6


-Metal Gear Solid 1 (NA Region, PS1. Like New) - 10


-19 Inch Dynex Monitor (Very Good Condition. Is NOT suitable for fighting games, as there is noticeable input lag. Has Component, Composite, and HDMI hook ups. Does not come with remote. Does come with stand.) - 60


While I’d prefer local deals (In the Los Angeles area. If we can meet up at The Runback, that would be a huge help.), I’m certain we can work something out if you want shipping. Sorry, no International Shipping. If you want something shipped outside of California, we’ll work out a cost for that. Preferred method of payment would be Paypal, though other options/trades are something I’ll consider.) Leave a message if you’re interested!


A few price updates, and things currently sold.

Devil May Cry 3 Wall Scroll has been sold!

Playstation All-Stars LA Beatdown poster has been sold!


Playstation All-Stars Nathan Drake poster has been sold!


Skylanders Swap Force is for sale once more. New items added for sale, including a rare version of JP Playstation 2!


Blazblue Poster, Dynex Monitor, and MGS1 have been sold!


Persona 3 Portable has been sold!


Japanese Ceramic White PS2 has been sold!


New items added!


Signed FFX/X-2 HD CE has been sold!