WTS: Various Parts (Sanwa/Semitsu)

Hi All,

I have a few spare parts lying around that I would like to get rid of. Everything is brand new with the exception of the pink Sanwa buttons BUT they have barely been played so they would be in mint condition if I had to judge (maybe played 2 or 3 times tops). Shipping on these won?t be very much and I will give you exact shipping rates once I know the amount someone buys and their location so I can be as accurate as possible. If there is ever a shipping discrepancy and it comes out to less then I originally say, I will send you the difference back. Please PM me or post if interested.

I accept Paypal only please.

2 Yellow - 24mm Hori snap-in Pushbuttons (From HRAP 2) (50c/each)
2 Blue ? 30mm Happ Competition-LIKE Pushbuttons (From SFAnniversary)($1/each)
2 White ? 30mm (NOT) Happ Competition-LIKE Pushbuttons (From SFAnniversary)($1/each)
2 Black ? 30mm (NOT) Happ Competition-LIKE Pushbuttons (From SFAnniversary)($1/each)

1 - (NOT) Happ Competition-LIKE Stick (Stick is black)(From SFAnniversary) ($7)

Ball Tops
1 Pink - Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Top ($2)

PM inc.

No other interest eh? Come on people, push my buttons, grab my balls!! :slight_smile:

dang, i wanted the stick :P, anyways PM sent

Pm’d Back

List Updated. Added a new stick and 6 new buttons all from an Street Fighter Anniversary Stick…They look like Happ Comptetion stuff but ARE NOT. They’re clones.


possible intrest in some of those buttons in a couple of days if they are still around.


A few things left for anyone still interested.

I removed all of the sold and cleaned up the first post a bit.

bumping for possible interest