WTS: Various PSX, PS2, PS3, XBOX, XB360 and DC games


First come first serve and I only deal through Paypal. I only ship to residents of the United States. I will ship items using the usps flat rate boxes and the cost of shipping will be for the size needed to properly and safely ship the game(s) to you. Items in red font are SOLD. USPS flat rate box prices. http://www.usps.com/prices/priority-mail-prices.htm

PSX: SFA3 and Alundra $5 ea

PS2: GGXX2, Soul Calibur 2, Midnight club 2, KOF 06’, Tekken 5 and GTA Vice city $10ea.

PS3: BlazBlue Continuum Shift $30 Little Big Planet $15

XBOX: KOF 2003 $10

XBOX 360: Dead Or Alive 4 $10ea

DC: Phantasy Star Online Ver.2, Soul Calibur $10ea


Does this price include shipping and is SFA3 complete ?


The pricing does not include shipping. I will be sending out everything in a usps flatrate mailing boxe. These boxes cost $4.95-$5.20. I’ll pack the games in the box wrapped in plastic grocery bags. As for it being SFA3 complete. I don’t know exactly what you mean by that, but I did some research into the version I have and as far as I can tell, it’s complete to me. It’s got all the characters from super (dee jay, cammy etc…), shin akuma, evil ryu, guile, the dramatic battle mode, survival modes, world tour, arcade and entry mode. I’ve never heard of a “complete version”, but I do have the original jewel case, game disc and manual if that’s what you mean.


Do all your games come with original case art and manuals?


“complete” means case and manuals… and in some cases, even those stupid advertisements that some games come with.

However, I want Blazblue.
Paypal? $20 after shipping?

Continuum Shift is the second one? right? Or is that Calamity Trigger?

EDIT: Oh damn, I just realized this thread is fucking ancient.