WTS: Various Qanba Q4s and PS3 Mortal Kombat Klassic Stick


Hi guys, looking to lighten my collection a little bit to make room for some new sticks.

Mortal Kombat Klassic and White Q4 have NEVER been used, absolutely excellent condition. Complete original boxes. Black Q4 has been used very lightly (has pink art inside, will include original black plexi as well as clear plexi for you to customize if you’d like). Mortal Kombat stick is for PS3, does NOT include codes for games. Box for Mortal Kombat has clear shipping tape on it from manufacturer, not a deal breaker but should be noted for you box collectors.

Mortal Kombat $150 shipped (these sticks are $100 new, if you find one locally, go for it. I’m basing this price on my own experience with it being hard to find, plus tax and shipping the hefty box)
White Q4 $150 shipped
Black Q4 $130 shipped

Will ship USPS parcel post with tracking, please PM me for more info/questions/offers. NO TRADES. thanks!







Is the black Q4 3-1 multi-console? If so, I’ll most likely take it w/ both plexis.

both Q4s are PC/360/PS3 compat. currently entertaining one offer for the black one, i can PM you if he flakes.

That’d be great. I may take the white one if you sell the black one, although I’d much prefer the latter. Keep me updated.

Also, if he doesn’t respond soon, I can send you the money via Paypal ASAP.

no problem, i’ll give you an update by 10pm/Eastern time tonight…just waiting to hear back.

FYI those MK sticks are brand at $100 now…

Good deal. I’ll be waiting.

You’re kidding!@? Really!? Yes, 100, and if you find one in your local store then by all means, buy it. Odds of finding a brand new one locally without shipping…low. Don’t dig my price? Don’t buy. No worries.

not very low. People can find one just about anywhere on Gamestop.com for $50 cheaper and with the MKAK DL code…so yea, letting you know its over priced, and so no one gets ripped off.

there, i edited the listing just for you.
i appreciate the assumption that i’m trying to “rip people off”…again, if you find one locally by all means buy it, i live in NYC where there are about a million Gamestops and wasn’t able to get one. so let’s do math…$100 + tax = about $125…plus shipping for a giant heavy box = about …let’s see …$25.00…hmm…$125+25= $150. thanks for all your hard work. also for the record, not in any rush to sell. this is the price i consider fair with shipping, if you don’t, then don’t buy it. nobody’s attempting to rip anyone off.

I think everything is fair priced and my local gamestop has that mk stick for a hundred too but its pretty well priced. It isn’t a rip off its just not dirt cheap

thanks. again, i’m just basing it off the experience i had here in NYC with it being hard to find and shipping. it’s not like i’m doing 150+ shipping on top of that. anyway…if someone buys it cool, if not, i keep it. not really worried about it. the longer time passes, the harder it will be to find, no worries.

Shit I wanted that white qanba when you were trading for a vewlix. Bummer I spend my stick money yesterday haha

Payment Sent for the White Qanba :slight_smile: