WTS: Various Sanwa and Seimitsu Parts

(6) Pink Seimitsu Cream 30mm Snap In Buttons - $15 shipped
(5) Sanwa Yellow 24mm Screw In Buttons - $1 each. 1$ for shipping.
(1) akihabarashop Pink Mesh Ball Top - $13 shipped
(1) akihabarashop Green Mesh Ball Top - $12 shipped each
(1) Sanwa Green Standard Ball Top - 5$ shipped
(1) Seimitsu Pink Clear Bubble Ball Top - $8 shipped
(3) Purple Sanwa Snap In 24mm Buttons - $3 shipped for all of em

Sorry no pictures at the moment. All parts are unused.


K cool, btw I’m located in Toronto (Canada) but $15.00 shipped still applies no?

eh. im not sure ya know. eh. how much was it to ship those dvd’s to me ? pm me…

can you hold the (6) Seimitsu Translucent Pink 30 mm Snap In Buttons for me?

ya, sure i guess

Could you hold the Dark Hai Meshball for me? ;D

pm sent

I wish you had a picture of the green mesh balltop. I’ve never seen a mesh in green and I’m building a stick in that color palette right now.

there should be pics on akihabarashop.jp

I’ll take the 6 Yellow 30mm Screw-In Sanwa Buttons.

In fact, I’m in such a good mood today, I won’t take them. I’ll buy them from you.

pm me and we can set it up

updated list.

updated again. everyone who ordered something from me. 7 people that is!!! all packages will go out tomorrow.

Dibs on the 6 sanwa screw ins. PM sent