WTS Various Sticks

I am selling 3 arcade sticks.

  1. SFxT Fighstick Pro for PS3
    Stick has been used extensively but works perfectly fine.
    Asking for for $75 plus shipping. Am willing to take offers

2) SSF4 TE-S for PS3 Sold
Stick has been modded with a bezel, plexi glass, and chun li artwork. Sanwa JLF with white ball top and white sanwa buttons.This has been my go to stick for the last few years but still works perfectly fine. Artwork shows some wear. I am asking for $75 plus shipping, willing to take offers.

  1. Hori RAP4 Kai PS3/PS4
    This stick has hardly been used. Swapped out the Hori stick and buttons as soon as I got it for the Sanwa alternatives. Have the Sanwa JLF and sanwa silent buttons. I may still have the Hori components if you’re interested in those instead. I bought this stick right before USF4 was released on the PS4 but since they allowed us to use our old sticks, I ended up not really using this one. Asking for $110 plus shipping for it.

I will ship within the USA only. Thank you for your time.


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You don’t fit the requirements to sell here.

I apologize for that, I must’ve overlooked it to be honest. But I’ve been here for 6 years, lurking more than commenting. Should I just take this down, go and comment in 42 other threads then come back? Honest question.

How do I close the thread?

The forum frowns against spamming to get your 50 posts. Even if your posts may not be spam, it may seem that way to the powers that be.

If you engage in actual discussions and not spam then you can get 50+ posts in no time. Head on over to the other sub sections in the forum.

I got hit by the rule book a while back, just get to know the scene a little bit and show off your stick, discuss your favorite character in their correct section of the forum, you’ll reach 50 in no time. BTW, i think i’m interested in purchasing your ps4 arcade stick, ill think about it

I’m highly interested in the TE-S if you still have it later.

PM sent