WTS: Various Stuff - Atomiswave Mobo, Arcade Manuals, Sega Panels - Will add more later


-I’m the TO and founder/owner of AZHP Gaming who’s done over 100 events in 4 states since 2006 and a modder who has been known to post in Tech Talk.
-Participated in Tech Talk Secret Santa 2012 and 2014
-SRK Tech Talk Modder of the Year 2014
-Sponsored by Paradise Arcade Shop and Eightarc among many other companies
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-Sold 2 VLX Premium sticks here on SRK in the past
-Modded countless sticks for FGC members in AZ and beyond

Item is located in Phoenix, AZ
Shipping costs depend on the item and the location of the buyer and would be discussed in PM in more detail.
Will ship to continental US with no issue. I am willing to ship to buyers outside of continental US but I have not done so before and would have to look into extra costs and such.

Paypal or pickup in person with cash

Sold items here on SRK:

Hori RAP VLX Premium to @rathanav
Hori RAP VLX Premium to @nmdang
Madcatz SCV metal panel to @Feargus001100
Madcatz TE1 white sides to @"Ghost Cobra"
Madcatz Fightpad rubber pads to @TheGoblin


Arcade Manuals - $10 each

Sega Panels - $40 each

Sega panel that was originally in the Extreme Hunting 2 Sega Blast City I purchased. It has a piece of plexi on the top as well.
I have no idea what this panel was originally intended for, but I’m sure someone using a Sega panel for a racing/fishing/lightgun game etc can utilize it better than I can.

Sega panel made for US/EU/Korean parts. The mounting bracket is for US/EU/Korean size joysticks, so if you were to put a JP joystick or a Korean joystick that uses the same bracket as a JP stick you’d have to get a Universal Mounting Plate from Paradise Arcade Shop. The buttons are also made for US/EU buttons.

I believe this panel would be perfect for Tekken. Particulary Tekken Tag 1 or 2 with a Korean stick and US/EU buttons or JP buttons after drilling 2 more holes per player and expanding to 30mm instead of the 28mm it is.

Stuff no longer available in spoiler below

[details=Spoiler]Sammy Atomiswave Motherboard - $100 firm

Does not come with game and does not come with the network adapter shown in picture as that is for the Extreme Hunting 2 game I got when purchased.
Does not come with candy cab pictured either (I shouldn’t have to say but just to be safe). That photo is just there to show you it works properly

I purchased a Sega Blast City cabinet that had an Atomiswave with Exteme Hunting 2 in it. As cool as some of the Atomiswave games are I don’t feel the need to have it right now.

Games available for Atomiswave you can purchase elsewhere:
-Animal Basket / Hustle Tamaire Kyousou
-Chase 1929
-Demolish Fist
-Dirty Pigskin Football
-Dolphin Blue
-Extreme Hunting
-Extreme Hunting 2
-Faster Than Speed
-Force Five
-Guilty Gear Isuka
-Guilty Gear X Ver. 1.5
-Hokuto No Ken / Fist Of The Northstar
-Knights Of Valour : The Seven Spirits
-Maximum Speed
-Metal Slug 6
-Neogeo Battle Coliseum
-Net Select Keiba Victory Furlong
-Premier Eleven
-Ranger Mission
-Rumble Fish
-Rumble Fish 2
-Salaried Worker Golden Taro
-Sammy Vs. Capcom
-Samurai Showdown VI / Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden
-Sega Bass Fishing Challenge
-Sega Clay Challenge
-Sports Shooting USA
-Sushi Bar
-The King Of Fighters Neowave
-The King Of Fighters XI


Added white TE sides


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Sold white TE sides to @“Ghost Cobra”

I’ll be updating this soon


Atomiswave is gone. Sega metal panels are on hold for now.


PM sent.