WTS: Very Large Lot of Arcade Parts and Things


What you get in the sale:
10 x 24mm sanwa buttons (9 dark blue, 1 white). Lightly used but in good shape
1 x Wii TvC arcade stick PCB with wii cable still attached
8 x Various madcatz buttons (condition of microswitches not guaranteed)
2 x button wiring arrays from madcatz sticks. Wiring is not complete, but mostly there.
1x madcatz JLF harness
1x Sanwa JLF harness
1 x Sanwa octagonal gate
1 x LS-32 (I think) spring
1 x 24mm button blug
1 x bag of Sanwa sized (.110" I think) quick disconnects. Guessed at 50 in the pack. Just an estimate.
5 x various black dustwashers
Uncounted snap-on quick disconnect protectors from a Hori Stick (probably 8)

For the whole package, I want $20 + the shipping.
The whole set should fit in a flat rate box for about $13 including tracking and that’ll go anywhere in the country.
If you want a separate shipping quote for normal postage, send me a zip code.
Local pickup available in Cleveland.

I only accept verified and confirmed PayPal accounts.


I’ll throw in an octagonal gate with them. $20 gives you 10 x 24mm buttons and an octagon.


Tons of stuff added. BUY PLEASE!


sorry the pic was not loading but i sent you a PM