WTS very rare Bison and Dhalsim shirts from gamestop nationals

Found these in my closet. Totally forgot about them. Got them at the gamestop national tournament for SF4. They were made for the event so they’re super rare. They’re in brand new condition and never been worn. they look pretty high quality.

[S]Bison Power Co shirt. Size Large[/S] SOLD




Dhalsim Yoga Studio size extra large

this shirt also has the same logo on the back as the M. Bison shirt.

my camera doesnt’ take very good pics in my room at night. I’ll try to get more tomorrow cause the colors are much more vibrant.

Selling Dhalsim shirt for $27, paypal. Again these are super rare, quite handsome and very good quality for promotional shirts.

price reduced to 35 bucks each! don’t miss this chance to pick up some super dope, very rare shirts. you can actually wear these at a tournament without fear of a million other people wearing the same evo/broken tier shirt as you. offers always welcome as well.

I’d pick up the first shirt if it was a blanka one :wink2:

thinking about the bison shirt…

ship to canada?

if you add 2 dollars for shipping then sure.

OK then no extra charge to ship to Canada!

oh i didn’t mind paying the extra shipping
i’ve just been in class all day


i’ll send the money tonight or tommorow

oh ok. my paypal is monterograves@hotmail.com

sorry about the wait, payment sent

it’s all good. i’ll send it out first thing on monday!

shirt was shipped. hopefully you’ll get it in a week and you’ll be stuntin on errbody at your next tourney.
the other shirt has been reduced to 30 bucks. Don’t miss this unique chance to pick up some fly SF gear. bitches love yoga too so you can probably use it to start a conversation and holla at them. :cool:

i just wanted to point out that Monte is really cool and, if i were him, i would charge people an extra 2 dollars just to have me put it on before i send it, so that it smells like me when they get it in the mail.

thanks for the endorsement, Mr. Frog! and yes if anybody wants my musk on the shirt I will be happy to oblige. I’ll even wear it when I go for a run if the buyer wants. If you choose this option, however, I suggest you invest in a good walking stick so you have something with which to beat off the ladies because my pheromones are potent. :nunchuck:

dhalsim shirt reduced to 27 bucks shipped! you buy now!

Would you be willing to sell it for an even $25?

25 bucks sounds good to me! my paypal is monterograves@hotmail.com

Payment sent :slight_smile:

shirt has been sent out. sorry for no status update yesterday. California’s infrastructure is free to wind and the power was out.

Cool! Thanks! I’ll let you know when I get it :slight_smile:

Shirt received! Thanks!