WTS video games and accessories



AV cable $5.50
PS2 to DC adapter $17.00


Street Fighter III 3rd strike j. capkore (new) $25.00
Street Fighter III 3rd strike j. (SOLD)

FFXI (mint) $30.00 obo
AV cable $5.50
Retrocon by madcatz $15.00
HRAP Mirror top w/Hori buttons $120.00/ Sanwa $135.00

I will add more stuff later, and prices does include shipping.


Which PS2 to DC adapter is it? I might be interested in the mirror top HRAP with Hori buttons.


just fyi i tried an imported mvc2 for ps2 on my bc ps3 and it didnt work


what brand is the converter?





let me get a pic of the adapter…


Here you go:


pm sent.


Bump, pics added.