WTS: Video Games and Miscellaneous items

I only accept money through Paypal. If you want to know the condition, I’ll gladly post it up.


-AMD Sempron 2200 CPU Processor (never used): $10
-Basketballs, Half-Inflated (2): $8 each
-Computer Speakers: $5
-Legos (Freestyle): $5
-Radio (Home and Away): $2
-Watch (Timex, never used): $15


-Vietnam War vs Iraq War CD (never used): $1


-Composite Cable: $7

Video Games


-Capcom vs. SNK 2 (JAPAN): $5
-Controller: $7
-Marvel vs Capcom 2 (problems loading): $3
-Marvel vs Capcom 2 (JAPAN): $5
-System w/adapter (problems loading up): $5

Game Boy Advance

-Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: $12
-Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Strategy Guide: $5
-Handheld: $15
-Link Cable: $2
-Pokemon Blue: $3

Game Cube

-Super Mario Sunshine: 10
-Super Smash Bros. Melee: $15
-System w/adapter (no controllers): $20

Nintendo 64

-Controller (2): $7 each
-Pokemon Stadium: $5
-System w/adapter: $15
-Transfer Pak: $3


-Magic Box Converter: $30
-PS2-XBX Converter, DreamBox: $8
-PS2-XBX Converter, X-Connection (2): $8 each
-Universal RF Adapter (PS2,XBX,GCN): $8


-NOX Game: $5
-NOX Strategy Guide: $3

Playstation One

-Rival Schools: $10

Super Nintendo

-Controller: $3
-Joystick (Advantage): $5
-System (no adapter): $9


-Component Cable: $3

What state are CvS2 and MvC2 J in? Complete or disc-only?

condition of rival schools please first dibs plz

what is system with adapter?? interested in N64

I’ll take the rival schools if still available.

I’ll take the FFTA and the strat guide.