WTS: Viper-themed SE stick


By chance, would anyone like to purchase a modded X360 SE stick? It’s a purple Viper-themed stick and has a pin-up barbie doll look to it, though it doesn’t really look girly (in my opinion). It features Sanwa OBSF indigo/white buttons and Sanwa JLF stick with an indigo meshball top. The print is a high quality polycarbonate laminate print. It’s scratch resistant, similar to the print found on actual arcade machines, and is the best possible type of print you can get for an SE stick.

The only downside to this stick is horrible wear/tear that the paint job has gone through. I wanted to give it the best possible paint job that I could, but I made the regrettable mistake of using a clear coat GLAZE for a thicker clear coat. The punishment for using it was excessive smudging, scratching, and dirt buildup over time. I don’t want to BS anybody when offering this stick, so I took it upon myself to post a large resolution image of all of the damage I could point out. Everything you see is what I could possibly point out and it DOES NOT mean that there could be a few more minor cosmetic defects.

Viper SE Stick Damage Report

I want to sell this stick for $75 (only $25 more than a stock SE stick at retail price) and that INCLUDES shipping (USPS Priority). I put so much more money and labor into this stick and it pains me to sell it for only this much, but with a cosmetically defective paint job like this, it only seems right.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Oh! And I should add that since the paint job on the dust cover is coming off, I decided to order and replace it with a white 31mm dust cover from Art’s Hobbies. I placed the order about a week and a half ago and should be getting it possibly within the next week. That will be included at no additional cost.