WTS Virtua Stick High Grade PCB (HSN-0011, S revision) and Sanwa JLF pcb (TP-MA)

This is a HSN-0011, S revision pcb that I won’t ever need (I rewired the stick with a dualshock a while back). In all honesty, I had problems with the whole 3 button input thing with this pcb, but quite a few people here on SRK seem to think it is only a problem with certain games, but well, whatever. Anyone interested?

The price (includes postage):
16 or best offer within the United Kingdom
$35 (US) or best offer to other parts of the world

I only accept paypal payments.

Because I cut the original wires quite close to the terminal you’ll probably have to desolder them and rewire the pcb yourself.

In case you need it, the original wiring scheme can be found here.

If anyone wants it, I’ll also throw in the Sanwa JLF (TP-MA) pcb that came with the VSHG for an extra 3.50 / $7.00. It has been mentioned by some people in the past(including myself) that the JLF in VSHGs feel slightly stiffer than other JLFs. For whatever reason this seems down to the stiffer switches on the TP-MA. A funny batch of switches perhaps? It has recieved some moderate use (hence a reduced price), but still works fine and is in the same shape as the day I bought it. Personally, I don’t like the stiffer feel of the switches, so I’m selling it on. Any takers?


Final call …
open to any offers