WTS:Virtua Stick High Grade


Continental United States only.

Virtua Stick High Grade. Excellent Condition. “S” revision. 155 Shipped



Hori Tekken 6 HRAP with Sanwa Buttons and Stick for Xbox 360. In ok condition. Buttons and stick are in great condition but there are some light nicks and scratches on the case and the art is somewhat coming off. SOLD!



pm sent


still for sale


Added VSHG


what version if the VSHG?


Sorry, I forgot to mention that this is the “S” version


Rooster, if your reading this, your PM inbox is full


payment sent for T6 Hrap


bump for price drop


Tried to send you a PM about the SE but your inbox is full.

I’ll take it if it’s still unsold.


Your inbox is full.


Hey guys, sorry about the inbox being full, I just cleared it so send me a message.


Hey Giga any info on shipping my Hrap

Edit: never mind sir I just received it today thank you again


Bump for price drop on Virtua Stick High Grade