WTS: VLX,vewlix panels,Comicon TE ,arts plexi TE and ssf4 hss0130


all gone except
my round 1 te with arts plexi top and bottom,bat top and octo gate ,psx pcb $120 shipped



Still looking for a super turbo a/b setup.

Pics would help your sale, just fyi.

edit: I see they’re there, just have to quote the post and then copy and paste links for some reason.

pics not working :frowning:

they should be working now.

dat tri-modded vlx would be sweet

nice selection/collection. gl with your sale.

added the internal pics of the vlx.

bump for price drops. also taking trades now,looking for a super turbo A/B board and a complete thirdstrike kit or a deathsmiles kit or astro/blast city panels.

do you know what EMP means for the Comic Con stick?

markman says emp means employee and that only 50 were made that have the emp instead of a number(so they are pretty rare)

RREEAALLLLYYY want that VLX. I just saw how “hard” it is/was to mod this stick for PS2 and THAT’s what i really need. MMM…???

:amazed: Very nice! Now i’m even more interested. What do you think about a trade for a blast city panel?

Very nice! Now i’m even more interested. What do you think about a trade for a blast city panel? Yes check pm,I would trade for a blast city panel straight up.

comicon te has been traded for a blast city panel.and i have also found an astro city panel.still looking for a super street fighter 2 a/b board and a thirdstrike kit.

possibly part out the clear plexi? lmk

Nice sticks Sir Viewlex…

bump for price drop vewlix 250$ vlx tri-mod 500$ atrs plexi te 100$ hss0130 ssf4 gone same with the emp/250 cmicon te

saturn ssf4 hss0130 gone, vlx tri mod gone, arts plexi te still available and now comes with a psx pcb.and vewlix still onsale ,also I got my blast city panel from trukkasaurus today and it is ppprrreeettttttyyy!!!

vewlix panel no longer available. and I have a thirdstrike board now thanks.

vewlix now gone and i also got a thirdstrike kit now.still need a super turbo board .thanks for all the help and trades .