WTS: VOLTECH PS3 stick, XBOX 360 Sanwa SFIV Madcatz SE, & PS2/original XBOX SFAC


1-Voltech arcade stick. Early voltech stick. Yellow and black theme. JLF, six SANWA screw-ins, 2 seimitsu scrw-ins, regular PS3 Cthulu. Can take out the art. I believe I paid $170 just for the case.

Priced to sell at $165 shipped or best offer. Pics soon.
BLACK MESH IS GONE replaced by yellow sanwa top.



can you please post pics?


Sure. I’ll do so tonight. I’m also open to offers looking for blurays or a hrap v3 sa and some cash.


added sfac


you never posted pics.


do you ship to toronto canada?


I’ll post pics tonight.


hold that SFAC arcade stick for me i will pm you a list of blurays when am back from work tonight.


Pics posted. Counterhit I’m leaning towards cash bro. Tryin’ to cop some speakers and I’ve been buying blurays from gohastings at like $4 a pop…Shoot me a pm if you have a good list though…


I never have. I can definitely research it but it won’t be for the prices listed above. Prices listed above are shipped for continental US. Let me know what you are interested in and I’ll figure out added shipping cost.


Bump fo a legit seller!!!


Shoot me an offer on the Dres. I need these gone!!! Pleeease!!!


Do you happen to have an extra SFAC plexy laying around you?d want to sell? I?d gladly buy it off you.


Try tek-innovations.com


drop to $190 on the headphones.


Headphones sold. Thank you!!


How much are you selling the Legacy Falcon for with shipping cost to TN? I really shouldn’t though, I have a Slave I & a Republic Gunship sitting in my room - along with probably 3-4 dozen action figures.


You don’t realize how huge this is until you own it. Yea I have a room filled with these. The Falcon is in awesome condition complete with extras used for display. I may have the pilot Han Solo and Chewbacca but I’m not sure. I didn’t like that they had headsets attached.

I spent $180 shipped for it personally. So maybe around $160 shipped? Shipping alone has to be at least $20 or more. I’m totally open. I have a bunch of other ships too:
cloud car
snow speeder
slave 1 (jango)
imperial shuttle
every version of the oversized x-wings (luke, wedge, red leader)
bounty hunters
imperial soldiers


Selling my Voltech. pm if interested. Price negotiable.


got VOLTECH pics,eh?!