WTS VSHG dual mod semitsu buttons, hori ex2 sanwa mod ps1 ,Grab bag of parts



GRAB BAG 6 green sanwa 30mm buttons,1 green ,1 red,1 white and 2 black sanwa balltops, 3 sanwa pcbs with harness,1 octogate ,1 square gate, 4 rubber feet,1 korean stick green, 2 red semitsu 30 mm buttons and 2 blue ones,baseplate ,madcatz terminal ,2 bags of quick disconnects ,some carbon fiber roll,1 shaft cover,8 dust covers,CPS2 kick harness
and 2 arcade button wrenches 50$ plus shipping for everything


Hori EX2 sanwa ps1 mod .includes carbon fiber and has been modded to use arcade sanwa buttons and happ cherry switches with a bat top. includes a ps1 pcb that needs to be installed still.50$ plus shipping


VSHG ,semitsu buttons , dual mod auto detect. 250$ plus shipping


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