WTS: VSHG modded with ps2 pad hack [sold]


modded with white sanwa buttons and white ball top, pcb replaced with ps2 pad hack, original pcb was the S revision but still had the known problem. I don’t have the original pcb, buttons and ball top but do have the box. $160 shipped to US48


Nice I wish my stuff would sell since I have a spare ps360+ :frowning:


it probably will take a while to sell this, so both you and I have time, lol


Are the yellow buttons functional and can I get an internal shot? Did you mod it?


yea, the yellow buttons all work except the PS home button since ps2 pad doesn’t have that. I will get a picture when I have time. My buddy did pad hack and I installed them inside the VSHG. If you want to tri mod it, it shouldn’t be hard since the wires have enough length for you to hook into terminals or just solder to another pcb.




Let me know if the deal falls through! I’ll buy it on the spot.