WTS: VSHG rev S & 360 SE Full Sanwa SOLD!


I have for sale a Sega VSHG rev. S for ps3 in GREAT condition, it was very lightly used and comes with the box. SOLD!!! (ibeatu)




Also for sale is a 360 Madcatz SE fully modded with a sanwa jlf (dark hai) and 8 snap-in buttons (6 dark hai, 2 blue), very lightly used only about 3 hours total, comes with the box. SOLD!!! (Veserius)




I will also accept trades for Modern Warfare 2 (PS3).

I accept paypal/cash and will only ship to the US. For local pickup i will knock off the actual shipping costs, roughly $15 for VSHG and $10 for SE. I am located a few blocks from AI.


i call dibs on vshg


ibeatu pm’ed me at 5:27am (pt) for the vshg and he also has mw2 for trade… on hold for him.

pmoney posted at 6:18am (pt)… if it falls through w/ ibeatu, you are next.

Thanks for looking.


pm’d u back


god damn his name proceeds him well haha


payment sent for the vshg


ibeatu, thanks… i sent you a pm.


VSHG sold to ibeatu.

360 SE on hold for Veserius. (sent pm)


payment sent on the SE. Thanks for being patient


Thanks i’ll ship out ASAP.

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