WTS/ Whaaat! Custom Sticks


Want to sell Custom Sticks…

Dual Mod: Paewang PCB
Joystick: Seimitsu LS 58
Buttons: Seimitsu
$220 plus shipping

Wood Custom
Dual Mod: Paewang Pcb
Joystick: Sanwa
Buttons: Seimitsu
$300 plus shipping

Bubble Stick
Dual Mod: Paewang Pcb
Joystick: Sanwa JLF
Buttons: Seimitsu
Led: **Paradise Arcade Uila LED PCB S, **Sparky PWM SMD LED Controller PCB
$275 plus shipping


That bubble stick is awesome! Too bad its outta my price range now


Price changes!!! Boom!!!

Black plastic Stick, $200 plus shipping

Wood Stick, $250 plus shipping

Bubble Stick, $240 plus shipping

Hit me up while the gettn is CHEAP!!!


Bubble stick sold!


Wood Stick now for $230 plus shipping, thats the cheapest I will go. This is a one time deal on this kind of stick, customs sell for a good bit more.


hey are you selling anymore sticks than the 2 you have available now??


Minimum requirements to sell : 50 posts.