WTS: White DS Lite + Hori Case + Screen Protector and 2 games!

I bought this last year to practice mario kart for evo but haven’t used it since. Comes with a light blue hori carrying case and hori screen protectors already applied. Also includes mario kart ds and bleach ds. It does have a small scuff on one of the corners because i dropped it once and suffers from the cracked hinge syndrome. i don’t know if nintendo ever did anything about this.

Asking for 150 + shipping

ds + case
scuff mark
hinge crack

I’ve bought from people here in the past. I can get vouches if needed. My ebay feedback is 100% under “calisom”

if your serial number is still on the box nintendo will replace the hinges for free as long as its one of the first ones.

they did it to mine and alot of others i know.

how can you tell if it’s one of the first ones?

Check the serial on it.

says UG40627280 and a 3 in a box

I would just call and try to get it done for free anyways complain that your friend got it fixed for free Nintendo is usually good with this stuff.