WTS: Wico Pefect 360


Well, it comes to my attention that i potentiality may be getting some more wico p360s, and i feel like giving back to the community. So. Im selling one (1) For half OFF! however, you only have 24 hours to do so until i shut this thread and offer down. If this works out i may sale more wico p360s, maybe for even lower. Don’t let this deal slip thru your hands, the optical sensor cost $60 bucks ALONE!

$50 shipped, you only have 24 hours, first come first serve. Let the games begin!


Send me PP address and its yours.


dibs if it falls through. nice price!


Toodles is first in line, he has till 12pm est to respond or else it goes to the next person in line (eczangief)


EST? Aw fuck, hope Im not too late. sending now.


you’ve got like 40 mins left…


And its done.


I said 12pm not 12am…ROFL! anyway, toodles IS WINNAR!
Will ship your package out first thing in the morning.
Thread is CLOSED!


Good shit Tood to muh Loo. I had promised the universe that if I got it I would sell an Inductive for the same price on here to return the cosmic favor. Oh well, nice pick.


Got another one This time for $45 shipped. No time limit.Whoever gets it gets it.


I’ll buy!