WTS: Wico Perfect 360 joysticks, MAS Sticks, Stick Mods/Fixes, Dualmods


Want To Sell or Trade: NOS (New Old Stock) Wico Perfect 360 joystick x2 (red bottom). Willing to trade for Perfect 360 buttons, or sell for $175 each + shipping

In collaboration with @805Nash, selling modded MAS Systems Joysticks with Wico Perfect 360 joysticks, multi-console PCB. Message me or @805Nash for details if interested (EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY).

Get your arcade sticks PS4-ready for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Injustice 2, Tekken 7, and other upcoming releases ready for the 2018 season of fighting game madness. Please message me for requests and questions.

**IMPORTANT!!! Please read:

Message me for details as to how I can help modify your arcade stick for future releases.

I typically use a DPDT switch into a stick for dualmods between two different PCBs for $80+cost of parts (shipping NOT included, I also accept mail orders and local meet-ups in Los Angeles County). PS4 only single mod for $60+cost of parts. PM me for details and questions.

Check out my business card (see pictures above)!

I offer basic dualmods for $80. I can work on sticks locally in SoCal or can cover shipping costs to and from your address.

I do other stick mods and can cut and print Lami-Labels and standard stick artworks (provided I have the template) as well. PM me for questions or details.

** Current-gen Arcade stick mods and Tri/quad mods**

I can install the Brook 4-in-1 PCB for $60 into an existing stick + trade out the original PCB that was installed into said stick.

I can do dualmods and tri/quadmods with the use of DPDT switches. I will try to keep my prices competitive, yet lower and affordable. Please PM me for information and if you’re interested in me working on a stick for you.

You can read and watch a view things I’m capable of modding at the following post:

I’ve accumulated a fair collection of sticks, some I intended to keep as lend-me-a-sticks, some I intended to sell somewhere along the road. I’ve decided it’s time to let these ones go, as I’m running out of room for stuff.

**For the following list of sticks, I’ll add standard Sanwa parts and choice of Lami-Label artwork.

Tri-mod, dualmod, or single console mod and/or any other upgradeable additions will determine final cost of stick.

On average, each stick will sell for $120-$200 + cost of shipping.

Here’s a list of empty stick cases that I have available for modifying:

-Hori EX2

PM me for details and if interested in buying.


Sold Tekken Tag 2 stick with character artwork, updated first post. Offering artwork template (.PSD) with purchase of stick (see details in first post).


Sold 360 Mad Catz TE dualmodded with ChImp. Also, I have a Tekken Tag 2 art replacement available for the Soul Calibur sticks.


One TE and SFxT Pro sticks are pending at the moment.


Imp V2 Dualmodded SFxT Pro stick sold.


Dualmodded Persona 4 customized Hori stick has been sold locally.


Added my basic dualmod service to the first post. 3 sticks still up for sale.


Black color schemed PS3 Mad Catz Soul Calibur TE-S dualmodded with 360 Fightpad and Imp V2 sold.


Yellow color schemed dualmodded PS3 Mad Catz Soul TE-S sold locally.

My dualmod services and other stick mods are still available. I know some of you out you have single console sticks in need of work wink wink


is your work as good as J&J. Im new to this dual modding service.


Well, I did sell off sticks that were all dualmodded by myself and reported no problems. You should trust in my work. Just let me know when you can visit me so I can get it done.


Where are you based out of?


RoyalFlush, I enjoyed your Dragon Fire LED stick. You said you had another one, show me it plz. thanks for the eyeporn.


Ah, the other is mine. I’ll get a pic of that later. I’ll be up to do LED mods with the Sparky PWM when they get restocked.


By request, here’s a pic of my stick installed with the Sparky PWM SMD:



When the Sparky PWM boards (or its successor) are restocked, I can offer LED mods to my list of services.


Added JLF Link package to items on sale and reduced price of dualmodded Mad Catz SE.


I’m interested in link…how much?


JLF Link PENDING until Friday, August 30.


If the person ends up not wanting the Link I’m quite interested.


Added another JLF Link for sale.