WTS: Wico Perfect 360 joysticks, MAS Sticks, Stick Mods/Fixes, Dualmods


Blue JLF Link sold.


JLF Link package sold.


Added Hitbox and Thor TEartwork+1/16" plexi+OSBC bundle


Would you ship the hitbox to Alberta?


Cigar Box Hitbox sold!


Looking to buy V.S. stick.


Would you be able to print artwork for an SE and have it lamilabeled?


Yes sir. Come send me a message ASAP. I can get print, cut, and ship it out as soon as tomorrow.


Added a clear smoke Seimitsus with MK themed pieces bundle and TE bezels.

Also looking to buy/trade items a few MC Cthulhu PCBs and 360 Fightpads.


Offering Xbox One padhacks for arcade sticks. Read first post for details.


Killer Instinct is an official game at The Runback at Super Arcade in Walnut, CA starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a good day to meet up with me at Super Arcade if you’re looking for an Xbox One modded stick.

Please provide the XBox One controller and any stick case and/or PCBs you want modded together for the project.

All projects will then be worked on during the weekend and returned the following week.


I don’t suppose you’re looking for any trades, huh flush?


Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians Ryomou Shimei PVC Figure sold!

I still offer stick mods to those who want them. As usual, send me a message for questions and requests.

Get ready for SoCal Regionals and all other majors for this year!


just putting a recommendation in for Royal Flush. He modded my stick for xbox one and it works great. He even swapped out some of the malfunctioning buttons.

thanks again dude!


+rep fast shipping, great communication


how much to wire my 360 tekken 6 stick?


Got my Xbox One padhack in from Royalflush. It works great. He got it done and shipped quickly.


I’m gonna be at Super Arcade a bit early today, if anyone wants a last minute dualmod, XB1 padhack, or USB fix.

I’m also gonna be at SCR all weekend. I have a lot of games to play and I don’t have a booth, but if you can catch me during my off time, I can do the same mods/fix mentioned above.

Send me messages via PM if needed.


Bumping up. Will update first post. CEO and Evo are coming up, so I want to get mods done before then.


Added pics of business card and rush order offers to the first post.