WTS: Wico Perfect 360 joysticks, MAS Sticks, Stick Mods/Fixes, Dualmods


Looking to buy a Perfect 360. Send me a message for an offer.




This is my last week before I head out to Orlando for my trip to CEO. I’ll be at Super Arcade this Thursday and possibly this Saturday, so if you have a stick that can be worked on and returned by Saturday, bring to me Thursday night.

I am leaving for Orlando on Tuesday, June 24th.


Added Smash Bros Invitational Voter Cards and PS360+.


I’ll take the ps360+ if you could ship to the UK.


also want the PS360+ herein US of A


PS360+ is in process of being shipped.


Thanks very much :slight_smile:
Very good seller, catered to me being a worrying bastard, would recommend to others!


PS360+ arrived brand new, sealed and in full working order. Payment will be going through within the next few hours.


Great to hear. Not bad for my first out of North America international shipment.


Added Xbox One bundle shipped or local pickup.


Xbox One in process of being sold.


XBox One Sold. Added PAX Prime Tickets eBay listing.


Added Borderlands Pre-Sequel Large Size T-Shirt from PAX Prime 2014


How much you want for that BL:PS shirt?


It’s got 10 watchers on it already, so I find it pretty likely that it might sell. I have a shirt from The Order for PS4 that I’m also willing to part with. I’ll post that up later.


Borderlands Pre-Sequel shirt sold. Updated first post with sticks I have available to mod.


Bumping up my post so you guys know I still offer my services and still have stuff for sale. Will update first post real soon.


Do you still have the TE bezels for sale?


^^^Yes, I do! PM me for info.