WTS: Wico Perfect 360 joysticks, MAS Sticks, Stick Mods/Fixes, Dualmods


Updated first post.


Updated first post. Evo 2015 running PS4 versions of certain games on PS4. This mainly includes Ultra Street Fighter IV, Guilty Gear Xrd, and Mortal Kombat X.


Looking to trade.


Updated first post. Dropped price of Pokemon Omega Ruby, putting need for Xbox One controller on hold.


I will be attending Socal Regional 2015. The only game I’m playing is UMvC3 and I know the schedule is kinda odd. I’m willing to take up a few mods leading up this weekend as well as do mods on-site (with notice via PM only). Please send me a message if there’s any mods you might be interested in.

If you play USFIV, this SCR 2015 is a Capcom Pro Tour Tournament running only on PS4. I can do PS4 dual/tri/quad mods with a DPDT switch. This is the main mod that I will be willing to take on.


I’ve been cranking out Hori FC4 padhacks and dualmods/quadmods over the last few weeks. Get one for yourself or as a gift for a friend! Message me for pricing.


Pokemon Omega Ruby in process of sale.


Pokemon Omega Ruby sold.


Pm sent.


PM Sent


PM Sent


Edward is the man… pad hacked my HFC4 with screw terminals. Definitely doing business with him on my next dual mod. Quick, prompt and honest service. A++ Modder


If I wanted a pad hack for a FC4 are those readily available or do I have to order one for you.


Do you happen to have a xbox360 pcb that can be wired up? I need something new to stick into my TE.


PS360+ V. 2.03 for sale.


Updated first post. I have been definitely on a roll with recent stick and artwork mods. Come to me for Southern California stick mods or ship out orders!


Updated first post with some Evolution 2016 details.


Added two sticks that I’m selling for a friend. More details and pics coming soon.


Adding Mad Catz VS stick. Pics and update to first post soon.


can you pad hack a DS4 pad and still be able to keep the wireless functionality? if so what would the price on that be?