WTS: Wico Perfect 360 joysticks, MAS Sticks, Stick Mods/Fixes, Dualmods


Edited first post, two Seimitsu LS-32 for sale.


Can you do pad hacks for Xbox 360 for a sega net city? JVS?


I’ve worked Sega Astro City two player sticks, so it looks like I can do work on this, too. Message for details.


Taking on any requests before or after Evo. No guarantees on finishing before Evo unless you have parts needed for your stick. Please message me for questions.


Reviving my thread. Taking any Brook PS4 PCB and Brook Universal Fighting Board mods into existing sticks.


What would the cost be to put a Brook Universal Fighting Board into a X360 TE?


PM sent + free bump for a cool guy on SRK.


Added three PS4 PCBs for sale. Great for adding in PS4 functionality into existing sticks or dualmods.


Bump for a great guy and excellent modder!


PM sent


Pm sent before posting this.


Thanks Ed! Pcb worked and shipping speed second to none.


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite coming much sooner than expected! Will update first post.

Taking as many requests now up until September 2017.


Edited first post with availability at Esports Arena for Wednesday Night Fights.


How much for that qanba shell with just the buttons?


Do you still have the PS4 board? I’d take it if so.


got the PCB, thanks man.


How much would it cost to get that Korean case modded with sanwa buttons and 4-in-one Brooks pcb?


Looking to buy Qanba Onyx stick. Update one month before MvCI release date.


Looking to buy MvCI pre-order DLC outfits code for PS4.