Wts wii dreamcast ps3 mini mas and other stuff


SI only ship to us 48 states blah
Dreamcast I have a agetec pcb for 23 shipped
A wired dreamcast stick with A p360 for 55 shipped
A mini mas with no joystick and includes agetec pcb 77 shipped

I also have a ps2 stick with sanwa stick green bubble and clear buttons . THe case was made by brydo and It’s been used .the bottom case is bad condition . 65 shipped

A hori xbox 360 case it comes with stocked stick and buttons . I have most of the screws .47 shipped




pm sent about the te


Ill take the agetec pcb


Awaiting payment for agetec
Marvel stick is pending.


What kind of pcb is in this stick? MAS?


Agetec for dreamcast


PM sent.


Added few items .




Interested in Byrdo PS2 stick case. Pictures please


ur inbox is full


I’m curious as well.


In the mas its an agetec for dreamcast its already wired to the buttons .
You just need a cord to put into dreamcast and a joystick .


I call dibs if pending buyer dosen’t come through for the PS3 TE.


T5 plate sold so is mvc2 stick
Everything else still available make me offers and I accept trades


Dreamcast stick gone

Mini mas still available
So is agetec


Some items sold .
Price drop .


Looking for anything in particular for trades?
Is the DC stick with p360 the mas boxed one?

If so I’ve got a couple of random things I could let go of:

  • 360 SE PCB
  • x360 SE case
  • Hori EX2 case w/ button tabs shaved off
  • Hacked 360 Fightpad
  • Assembled piiwee pcb (for nintendo wii)


The stick with the p360 is gone all I have left is a mini mas and I guess the agetec and some cases . Throw me offers