WTS: Wii PCB from Wii Fighting Stick - SOLD

I’m selling a PCB from a Wii Fighting Stick for $7 + shipping (probably $5). I just desoldered all of the buttons from this PCB and have no need for the PCB itself.
I can even throw in the joystick and buttons that came with the Fighting stick, although God knows why somebody would want that crap.

I don’t have a Wii to test it myself, but it’s unlikely there was any damage to the PCB while desoldering from the fighting stick itself. Note that the joystick wires are already attached to the board with QDs on the ends.

If you’d like wires/QD for each button, that can be arranged (for more cost, though). I’d generally like to avoid doing that at this time.



I would love to purchase that!

I would like to purchase this.