WTS: Wired X360 PCB, PSOne DS PCB

I have a wired Xbox 360 controller PCB that i tried to hack but i gave up on. The little copper circle on the “Up” contact came off. I’m sure this PCB is salvagable for someone who has experience hacking these pads. Everything else on the pcb is in great condition, theres some solder leftover on some of the button contacts. Asking $20 shipped OBO. Paypal please.

Also I have a PSOne Dual Shock Series “A” PCB in perfect condition. Never attempted to hack because I could not find a guide showing how to. $13 Shipped.


Open to trades for both pads. Thanks.

id like to trade for the ps pcb what r u looking for

just pm me with any like xbox or dreamcast games you have and are willing to trade, or anything else you think i might be interested in. im not looking for anything in particular really.