WTS: Wireless PCBs, DS Games, Diablo II CD Keys, more

I’m new to trading here, but I have some ebay references and a clean record: http://myworld.ebay.ca/robogemgames

Welcome to the junk yard! Currently the stuff I got for sale…

Items for Sale

-Two Sets of Unused Diablo II + XPac CD keys $14 for both (Game can be downloaded with Blizzard Downloader for free)

  • One wireless official PS3 dual shock PCB $32 Shipped
    -Wireless first party 360 PCB $22
    -Wireless PS3 PCB $30

Xbox 360 Games:

Borderlands $35 shipped

Nintendo DS Games

-Final Fantasy 3 (no instructions) - $17
-Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - $17
-Castlevania Portrait of Ruin - $17
-Chrono Trigger DS - $22
-Kirby’s Superstar - $13
-Civilization Revolutons $8
-Desktop Tower Defense $8
-Puzzle Quest (no instructions) $10



Demon’s Souls for PS3

Sold Items

-Tekken 6 collectors [Sold]
-500GB Seagate HD Sata (not IDE, no cables) $35 Shipped [SOLD]
-Nintendo DS Lite black with navy blue top Example - $80 Shipped [SOLD]
-Final fantasy 4 - $18 [Sold]
-Locke’s Quest - $18 [Sold]
-Castlevania Order of Ecles - $18 [Sold]
-One Gamestop/EB Games $ 70 Gift card (CANADIAN) - $60 US will ship in canada only excluding Quebec)Sold
Wired 360 Madcatz PCB [Sold]

-From Canada. I ship to Canada and USA, Canada comes with insurance and tracking, for American orders, the confirmation number will be provided. All sales in USD
-All things mailed up standard air mail, if you want priority or tracking on small parcels, that will be an additional $5, I will scan any post office carbon copies of the customs form and receipts for non tracked/confirmed items

LOL What’s really funny is that I want that bundle minus the DS and I have a PS2/PS3/360 Stick that meets your specs, except that it’s overused and needs to be rewired actually and a wacom medium tablet, but the discs and mouse are missing.

pfft. haha, oh well.

Good luck though. That’s an awesome trade (might be easier to part with the tablet than the sticks though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump - New stuff + Cheaper Price from $275 for entire DS collection

Bumpity boo, prices reduced on all games/entire package deal by 10-20% as well as removed all shipping costs

One Wireless official 360 PCB $22 ? is that for xbox 360? interested. pm’d

I’m assuming your SE case does not have a PCB in it. If I am wrong let me know.

Yeah no PCB, sorries >.<

Is it possible to get a pic of the SE case?

Images uploaded

Updated! Added Star Trek Collectors Edition MMO - Trade only

Can you post up a pic of the hard drive?



Best I can do with a crappy web cam

wired controller is xbox360 as well…

Interested in that seagate hard drive. If it’s still available PM me and I just might take it off your hands, that’s a great price for the amount of space. Comes with the cord necessary for it, I take it?

Just the HD, sorry!

Added Tekken 6 Limited Stick + Diablo II Unused CD keys

If the hard drive is unused, I can pay for it right now.

Yup, unused, the pack is still sealed. Nice thing about Seagate too is if god forbid, anything happens, they’ll replace it for free (though you gotta pay shipping to send it to them), you just gotta submit the product ID and/or Serial located on the drive itself.

Shoot, was interested in the drive. I’ll buy it if it falls through.

Nope, sorry, already paid for it :slight_smile: