Wts Wooden hitbox case with seimitsu buttons. Wtb ps3/360 stick

Looking for a ps3/360 stick

Selling my old wooden hitbox case made my SRK user devastation. Comes with seitmitsus with artwork inserts and black rim pink plunger start/options/guide buttons and had a neutrik hole.

Edit: price dropped to $100+shipping

Willing to entertain offers as well.

Bump price drop

Looking for a stick that works for ps3 and x360.

Hi there,
I’m pretty new to all this stuff, would like to ask some clarifying questions.
-Is it just the box and buttons? Or are there other components and wires too?
-What is SRK user devastation?
-What are seitmitsus?
-What’s a neutrik hole?
-I live in east coast US, what do you guesstimate the shipping cost will be?
Again sorry there a lot of things I don’t know yet!

-This is just the case and buttons.
-Devastator is the member here who made the case.
-seimitsu is the brand of buttons that are in the case. There are two main brands of button manufacturers sanwa and seimitsu.
-a neutrik hole is a mounting hole for a neutrik usb passthrough connector so you can have a detachable cable.
-shipping would be around $20