WTS Wooden Hitbox Cases


Thinking of making a few dozen hitboxes if there is any interest.

Drop me a line if you may be interested. Thanks.

Here is a preview pic of a small form factor, still needs a poly coat, but almost complete.


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I’m interested. Are they all that small or will there be a larger option size? Buttons holes and neutrik hole on front? What price range we looking at?


I am going to try a few different sizes. Button holes include 3 on the front, 2 for 24mm and 1 Neutrik.


How thick are the cases? This one seems pretty thick.




Oh that’s not bad at all. I’d definitely take one that was a little wider. I had one that size and didn’t fit well in my lap.


Im Very interested…I have two larger hit box fightsticks…one black acrylic and one curly maple with 30mm buttons…I would be looking for the smallest case you can make…


Im looking for a solid stick slightly larger than an SE and smaller than a TE. What you saying?


Also very interested



I am currently working up a batch of small hitboxes. I will let you guys know as soon as they are available.


Interested, would like to see final pictures.


Getting closer…

Don’t mind the red case…it’s a test box for finishes.



Hell yeah…is the bottom solid too??..


Very interested, are you planning on making any larger cases?


The bottom is not complete yet. I have a few different methods of doing them, I am going to go with what fits and functions the best.

After this batch is gone I will do some more in requested sizes. I have the day off tomorrow, so I will try to get these finished up.


Note sure about the two on the end…may darken them up a bit. Pictures wash out the grain. After I get them sealed I’ll post the detailed pictures.



Wow, those are looking really nice.


Looking very good…can’t wait to see the finished product…


whats the price on these bad boys?


Does anyone like the lighter colored boxes? I am thinking of darkening them before sealing today.