WTS Wooden Hitbox Cases


I like the lighter ones…if I catch you before you darken I’d be interested in one


I haven’t darkened them. I am about to seal them. They should be ready by Monday.


First coat of poly, still a bit wet.



Do you have a shot of the underside of the case? It looks like the top panel is very thick and at certain angles, it appears that the button holes are the full thickness of the top panels. I’m not sure that buttons will properly fit the case. Snap-ins look like they won’t fit at all, and it looks like screw-ins will barely fit, if at all. Are you intending them to house american-style buttons with longer shafts?


Snap in’s are what the cases are designed for. They fit very snug and can be popped out with a very hard press from the bottom. I used to make sticks quite often about 10 years ago…I would never try to sell something that isn’t functional.


Here is an example of the prototype case built out. Sanwa 24mm snap-ins, Sanwa 30mm snap-in, Neutrik, ps3/pc usb encoder. The blue and orange wires you see were direct soldered because I ran out of quick disconnects. :slight_smile:



As you can see the pressure from the snap-in connectors hold the buttons very firmly. It takes a considerable amount of force to pop a button out from the rear. I do this mainly because I want the upper surface as thick as possible to stand up to some of you guys that beat the crap out of your sticks.


That looks fresh as hell…


Thanks for the info and the pictures! Everything looks great!




Wow! this is what I’ve been waiting for. I’d be more than happy to give you money for a larger/longer box.

Are you able customize the layout on top? What I want is to separate the left hand buttons from the right, so it’s more comfortable. I would never use my right thumb for the “up” button. Can you pm me please?



Sent you a pm.


Thanks @Nether. I replied to your pm.


I am going to finish these up this weekend. They will be available for shipping starting Monday. $100 shipped to lower 48. Outside of that please PM me and we can figure out shipping cost.

PM me for paypal information. I will mark them off as they are sold.



#6 is Sold


Case #1



Case #2



Case #3



Case #4



Case #5


Case #7


Case #8



Had a question about the finish, it is satin poly.