WTS:Wooden korean stick(taeyoung fanta) with inpin & optical stick retrofitted


I have this awesome Korean stick that I have no use for at the moment :frowning: Its wired for ps2 and comes with an inpin converter as well. The stick is a Taeyoung fanta(myoungshin shaft) and
CWB203C buttons. I would like 65 dollars shipped.

Also i have an optical joystick for 85 dollars shipped http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j312/LonelyLoser_16/6cf84ae1.jpg
Skull balltop not included.


Bump, added Tekken 5 stick and OBO on everything else!


I’ll take that te case off your hands, paypal?
Does it come with the top panel screws?


I have the screws that are hex like the TE screws but are chrome instead of black that I used for my replacement panel which worked awesome and does not strip.


Payment for the TE Guts sent!


On a separate note, how did you break the replacement top from Tek-innovations?


TE guts and case sold, remaining is Tekken 5 stick and Wii/PS3 to VGA cables left.

Ceasar, the replacement panels are super strong and I recommend people if they don’t like the TE layout. It really cracked cuz my 18month old decided to stand on it while I was swapping out buttons, my fault really the plexi was red what kid would nit be attracted to that! The plexi is still intact and playable I just don’t like the crack on It.


Got the te case a couple of days ago, thanks again dude!


Pm sent


Pm sent


u ignore my messages. its really annoying.


pm sent


Hecz clear ur mail


Arnul, your Ken is wack san!


VGA cables sold to hecz


added stick


I want that Tekken stick, PM sent.


T5 stick sold to versus addict!


Price drop!


Last price drop then I’ll put this baby away