WTS: Worn Namco Stick


I’m selling or trading this Namco stick:

This stick has a good amount of wear on it (it was in an attic for roughly ten years.) I wouldn’t suggest buying it or trading for it unless you intend to paint it. I’ve already given it a silly, grungy paintjob myself (which you would likely want to sand off.) Cosmetics are really the only issue other than the lk button sticking from time to time. That may be an easy fix – I don’t know. Everything else is in good condition.

Since it’s a rarity, I’m pricing it at $45ish, give or take, plus shipping. I’m really not sure what a good price would be for it… so, highest/most appealing bidder, I guess? :confused: I’m also willing to trade it for another stick (one that will work with PC and/or PS3.)

I can throw in a free Playstation-to-USB converter, if you need it.

I can take higher-quality/resolution pics if you would like.


What was done to that stick… it should be a felony.
Still, a bit of paint cures all. GL with the sale.


I know… hence why I said it was silly and that no one should consider buying or trading it unless they intend to paint it.


I bet you he did nothing crazy to that stick. I’ve owned one of these and treated it well. There is absolutely nothing you can do about the paint coming up off of it aside from NOT using it. You will play, your hands will get warm, the heat will melt the paint, and the paint will bubble up and slide right off in pieces. The stick will work fine for a long time. But the paint WILL come up and there is nothing you can do about it.


How do you manage to rest your wrist on a Namco? That’s actually my biggest complaint with mine. My wrist falls on my desk behind the stick.

I hope someone can paint this and do it justice. You could always stick some tacky Anime lami-label on there.


Well it sounds like you are playing on some sort of surface. I think these sticks are best used for use on your lap. Try it out. My hands aren’t big so my whole hand was able to fit on the surface of the stick. But for most people, I am sure that that isn’t the case.


The only thing I did to the stick was give it the silly grunge paintjob. It’s perfectly fine otherwise except for the button that occasionally sticks. It’s been in an attic for the last ten years.


Bumping to say that I’m interested in a Hori FS3… if anyone has a spare they might want to trade for this. ;o


ill give you 3 dollars for it.


I’m sure you would.


I’ll go ahead and buy it. How much would shipping cost to Houston? If it’s too expensive, you can always have Adnan bring it with him when he comes back to visit family. I know he will be at the Houston bar fight tourney so I could pick it up then.


Sold to the man above.

Close this thread, please.


Dude what is your deal shitting on other people’s thread? If you don’t like the prices, you can STFU, otherwise don’t say anything at all.