WTS - WOW level 70 Druid/Hunter Acount

*** SOLD* no longer available**

WTS - WOW level 70 Druid/Hunter Acount

Druid is speced Resto and has 477 resilience and 1790+ heals. Has full S3 and 3/5 S4 all of the Honor bought gear. Epic flyer and form etc etc. Has s3 weapon,S4 offhand and relic.

He is currently on Hyjal,and is one of the best geared PVP druids on the server

Druid is able to be server transfered and named changed.

I have all the info for the account

There is also a level 70 hunter with mostly s3 ,honor items and s3 weapon. Very well geared hunter that can alos be transferred/name changed

Account is worth around 700 and I am selling it for 500. Due to me trying to kick my WoW addiction.

Only serious offers and everything must be done through verified paypal accounts. I must call you on the phone as well.

PM for armory and any additional info.

Also can someone please plus rep me? someone goes around neg repping anyone under 3 monthes membership for some reason,and I only have that one rep in my que.

Wow someone neg repped me again with a cut an paste of this message "neg anybody that has less than 3 months SRK experience. no hard feelings "

I guess I can’t win on this lol. Should be able to see who reps you, might help with the people that just neg rep you because they can hide

You’ll get used to it, join the club.

Buy premium to see who negged you. Also, you’re going to have a hardtime selling that being so new.

Thats understandable. I used to be a heavy buyer /seller on playerauctions,and had over 100 good reviews on that site. They recently just wiped everyones account, so there 5 years down the drain.

I use MMOBAy now,but i’ve only made a few transactions.

I have bought items from this trading forum,but theres really now way for me to prove that . I can just give you the sellers I’ve bought from.

im sorry but i doubt anybody would buy a wow account here. also its against the blizzard eula so i dont know if its even allowed to be sold here.

James Ive seen auction for wow accounts on here before,and the guy above me is paying someone else to play his account which is also heavily against the EULA. You also seemed to have no problem with that because you responded with

So you seem to be OK with one of the main EULA breaking points which is playing someone elses acount that is not your own,and getting paid for it.

If the mods want to remove my post I am fine with that,but theres alot of copyright infringement going on in the trading forums.

All that licensed artwork being sold on custom sticks isn’t exactly legal.

Also gota love comments like this on my rep panel


He’s not selling his account. He meant to say he’s selling his wow cd’s. They are attached to the account by default, so the account comes with the CD’s. Right Ministry?

Correct sir :lovin:

selling the cd key after 1 month of use is against the eula. :rofl:

just shut it…

i didnt write that. i havent given you rep yet. :rofl:

im just saying that i doubt any of the mods play wow and that is why they arnt acting on wow accounts be sold on here.(not to mention nobody has even bought one) i just think that if you know its illegal you should ask somebody like a mod or wiz about selling.

I never said you wrote that.

How exactly do you know that noone has bought the CD’s for WOW on here? The inquiries on my inbox would say otherwise…

Be careful how you use that word illegal. No court in the land has ever prosecuted anyone for breaking Blizzards EULA, IN FACT Blizzard is currently being sued in a class action lawsuit for there EULA breaking laws themselves.

The main thing tho is you support someone paying another person to play there wow account in one thread …going so far as to solicit another person to do the job( Heavy EULA breakage),and come in this thread like you are all the sudden against it.

Make up your mind lol

Whoops, forgot to mention this is now Sold. I edited my first post to reflect that,not sure how to edit the title on it tho.

i said i could get my friend on here to see if he will work out a deal. im not involved. and if you would like to sell your account go ahead. its pointless to argue over selling a retarded wow account. have fun selling it.

I think you work for blizzard.

that cant be possible. or can it :wonder: