WTS/WTB/WTT Sega Dreamcasts


I’m looking to unload 2-3 DC’s onto some SRK peeps. Ebay fluctuates from good to whack overly-inflated stupid-dumb prices.

Right now I have 2 working units and the makings for 2-3 more in my junkyard/scrapheap. I also have parts (motherboards/power supplies/fans/controller plug boards etc) for those comfortable upgrading their own.

Once I start getting some more junkers, I’ll be over to turn those over into refurb units and hopefully be able to offer a continued supply of affordable DCs to SRK, who lets face it are more deserving of them.

I’m asking a flexible 25-30 plus shipping. Spin me a sob-story (my brother/dog/girlfriend just poo’d on my Marvel 2 disk etc.) or trade me a Playasia/Amazon/random coupon, broken nintendo, DC controller, mravel mix, something cool and we can work something out and get you a deal. Pay less, pay more, pay what you can :] If you want to donate 25 cents to the Adopt a Dreamcast fund, I do have Paypal :]

I’m not trying to make a wad, but it would be nice to cover tinkering time and get a little scratch so that I can keep acquiring my army of DC’s and sell them off at exorbitant non-SRKer prices on ebay. As long as I make enough to grab another broken rig or part on ebay I’m happy. So upfront mode: I’m only really trying to get 6-12 dollars of your HARD EARNED SKRILLAMADOO. Shipping is a bische.


I’d also like to buy working or minor defect DC’s. (Game loads slowly, controller wont read, either AV/S video won’t work-- BUT 1 or the other MUST work). If it works, I’ll pay you 15 shipped. If its defective we can work something out.

Also, if you can vouch ( be real with me I’ll be real with you) that when adjusting your spindle speed with a screw driver, you overturned and lost that butter zone and lost performance altogether- I have a pretty good track record for getting those bad boys working and would still possibly be interested. A tip for those doing this themselves: BE PATIENT and adjust slowly, test, readjust, test, infinite-- you don’t want a DC sized coaster.
WTT/ Will Fix Your Broken Unit:**

I’m willing to take your broken unit and send you back a working one. How this works is, your unit can’t be a complete wreck-- Broken Disc drives must have working Power Supplies, controller ports, A/V, etc. Basically the unit must have only one defect unless we can agree on something else. You pay shipping both ways, and I swap you out a new unit in the process. If the issue is a disc drive it will either cost you extra, or you’ll have to wait longer for me to get a working drive at a worthwhile price for you, just because those are getting harder to find.

Any Questions, PM or Grab me on AIM/IChat : eczangief

shameless bump to get to front

I have 2 that work perfectly except the controller ports don’t work. So you don’t take those?

I want a cheap DC… I’ve bought and sold SO many over the years

MegamanDS- If people respond to the offer, I might be interested in those. I don’t mind if the ports are blown as long as everything else is salvageable. The main thing is being able to turn junk units into functioning ones, so it’s very helpful to know what works and what doesn’t ahead of time.