Wts/wtb/wtt: Various Sticks & misc stuff O.B.O


Alright guys im selling off a few of my sticks need the cash these are O.B.O came into a few set backs and need the cash ASAP

Fightstick Pro (red) just the shell $60 shipped (will include turbo panel)

PS360 HRAP1 modded into a hitbox $150 shipped (includes already installed input cleaner)

PS3 60gb blu ray drive $50 shipped, i pulled it out of my old ps3 when it died, the drive was working before the ps3 died dont see why it shouldnt still work

Fiskar circular cutter $12 shipped, only used it once has 2 replacement blades

3 random mounting plates not sure what they are for $2+shipping each

40 gb YLOD ps3 $50 shipped no cables or controller just the console

ps3 keypad (attaches to the controller) $18 shipped

SF:Anniversary Edition Buttons & Joystick $16 shipped

pics will be up ASAP


pic of both sticks up


updated OP with PCB swap option


Where do you live and how much would it be to dual mod the chun li te? I’d be glad to buy it for a reasonable price.
I also have an xbox red sfxt stick and an injustice stick for xbox if that would reduce the price even by a bit.


Id sell the chun dual modded for the same price as listed $220 shipped id just swap the pcb from the pro over to the chun stick

Also i live in PA


What’s the FSP dual modded with?


it has a paewang revolution in it, no issues with it at all


decided to just keep the chun li stick and mod it for my arcade cabinet that i plan on building




Updated first post with WTB/WTT


updated OP with everything… pics coming later tonight


added SF: Anniversary Joystick and Buttons