WTS/WTT: 2 Custom TE Sticks. SF Ultimate Box Set by Udon. (Updated 07-03-2011)

Greetings SRK.

Selling my near mint Street Fighter Ultimate Box Set by Udon. They sent me a fucked up one, I emailed them, and they replaced it with a super clean, still shrink-wrapped version with excessive amount of shipping materials.

$200 local pickup from Riverside, SoCal. $215 shipped to lower 48.

Willing to trade for the following items, or reduce my prices by their value:

Dingoo A320 - Black
Final Fantasy X International
Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mision

Previously sold on this thread were two sticks that look like this:

Pics and product added.

Price dropped.

P’med about a possible trade.

is the Ultimate Box Set individual comics or tpbs?

The Ultimate Box Set is all of Street Fighter in one book, then all of Street Fighter II in a second book. The books are hard-cover and much larger print than the original comics. They also smell like blueberries. I’m not sure if these include side stories though, but I’m guessing they wouldn’t. I’ll check to make sure and get back to you on that one.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get those TEs to support connectivity to the Wii remote? Is it part of the MC Cthulu firmware or is it a PiiWee board?

so both te sticks for 200? or is it 200 each one? def interested

@Ikagi: It was Jamespoop of James & James SoCal Modding actually. I’m preeeeetty sure he used PiiWee through MC Cthulu. All I know is I use the same port for all systems, so I’m assuming it all runs through Mc Cthulu.

@Jerk: $200 each. I’d consider special prices for bundle purchases as well though.

@All: I forgot to mention these work on computers as well. Also, as it is MC Cthulu, if you buy more cables (from NiteWalker for example), it will work on other systems too.


Would you do both sticks to uk for $340+ shipping?

Thanks pal

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did you ever find out about the side stories?

@anzhar: Hate to say it, but I really don’t want to ship overseas. Sorry man. If I change my mind though, you’ll be first in line.

@CI581: Just now actually, as I’ve been out of the house for a while. They include all the little side stories that are found in the comics of the main series, as well as a section that displays many of the covers from the series. They do not include the mini-series stories of Sakura, Chun-Li or Ibuki though. On the side of these comics it says “Complete First Series” for the first book and “Complete Second & Third Series” for the second book. The story ends where SFIV would begin.

are those sticks working on X360 too? because I’m definitely interested.

cool, let me know if you change your mind, pm me or anzhar@live.co.uk

@Fife: Never tested it actually. It has MC Cthulu, so I want to say it can. I don’t even know anybody with an X360 though, so I can’t test it. If I do get a chance to, I’ll let you know the results.

@CI581: I forgot that this book also came with a hand drawn piece of art by one of the artists at Udon. Supposedly there are 250 pieces of art, half of which are Ryu and half of which are Chun-Li, and one is randomly chosen for your order. I got Ryu. Of course, I would include this if someone purchased it.

for sure man, thanks!

Free bump

… and my offers still there.

oh and im paypal verified

Hello Thread.
This is James of James&James SoCal Modding.
My partner jamesepoop did the Triple Mod on two TE for Koatl.

The Wii Support is by PiiWee.



More pictures.

These do no do Xbox 360.

aw too bad :frowning: thanks jdm!

Sticks have been sold.