WTS/WTT: 320GB External Hard Drive, Velocity Micro E-reader

I have here a used Madcatz TE for the 360.
The first six buttons are sanwa OBSN screw-ins- the last two are stock. The joystick is stock, but the balltop is not.

Something to keep in mind: It is missing a screw in the top panel. More specifically, the bottom middle one pictured here:

I would like to trade this stick for a custom joystick enclosure. Not a whole custom stick. Just the case+plexi if applicable.

Please PM me with any reasonable offers.

I’ve got SF: AC for Xbox available in my tradelist. Check my sig.

Updated with 360 and wishlist.

I think you’d have to post a price for anyone interested in buying it being that you put “WTS” in the title.

Doesn’t matter much, cuz this baby has been sold. 360 removed.

I have some ps3 pcbs i have 1 cthulu and 1 MC cthulu.

I’ve got NeoGeo Battle Coliseum and Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 1 & 2 sealed. PM if you want them

Bump. Added a few things.

Added interests include a digital camera and a HD camcorder.