WTS/WTT 6x Sanwa snap-in 30mm White, PC games, balltops and more!

Everything is in good condition unless stated otherwise. Prices do not include shipping unless stated so. For pictures, please PM me your e-mail address and I will send you pics from my phone. I meet both requirements to post in the Trading Forum (member from Feb-July, and i have 200+ posts). I also have several references for buying and trading on SRK. Paypal or trade only! OBO on EVERYTHING!!

I have:

6x black rim blue plunger sanwa snap in 30mm buttons $3 each
1x Red TE Bezel $15 shipped!!!
1x Blue Sanwa 30mm Snap-in button (has solder on the tabs, needs to be cleaned off to use QD) $1
1x Blue Sanwa 24mm Screw-in button $2
1x Grey 24mm snap-in button from HRAP EX (snap-ins are done) $1
1x Blue Sanwa Mesh balltop $10
1x Blue Sanwa balltop $3
1x Yellow Sanwa balltop $3
1x Black Sanwa 45mm big balltop with adapter $5
1x Hori HRAP EX PCB for xbox 360 (needs proper de-solder, Sold shell and have PCB left.) $10
3x Omron V-10-1A5 Switches $2
1x mystery switch $free with a purchase.
Crysis 2 (For PC, includes case and cd-key) $15
Bioshock 2 (For PC, includes case and cd-key) $10
Dragon Age Origins (For PC, Has cd-key but no case) $8
Unused codes from Nvidia for Just Cause 2 and Mafia 2 (Got from a deal on New Egg) $8 for both or $5 each.
I also have several Gamestop posters from various games (Mortal Kombat 9, Call of Duty, LA Noire, Thor, Portal 2, Rage and many more) Please send Requests for pics. Posters $5 each!!
Shipping on all posters in the 48 states is $8 per order. (2 or more posters fit in one tube, tube costs $5 plus $3 for shipping) International will be a few dollars more.

Again, If you would like pictures of anything I have, please PM me your e-mail addres, and I will send pics from my iphone.

Things I would trade for:

Various Stick parts (balltops, buttons, PCB’s, Cases) Let me know what you have!
Street Fighter or Marvel Vs. Capcom Posters and Collectibles
I will entertain ALL OFFERS!

Bump, Added items and lowered prices on original post.

Price drops on all PC games and 6x white sanwa buttons.

More price drops!

Another price drop! trying to clear some space around the house!

Final Price drops.



im interested in those buttons, PM me to make payment arrangements.

Hey I’m interested in the Madcatz SE parts and extra buttons you have listed. Could you PM me about shipping for them?

Updated items sold and added more white sanwa buttons!

more price drops.

New Items! Also will be selling my Qanba Q4RAF soon, i had to get a new PCB shipped from Qanba and as soon as it’s in it will be for sale! PM me about it if you’re interested!

Hey nakadish I haven’t seen the stick and buttons in the mail yet. Its been a little while and I’m kinda wondering where they are at. Could you let me know when you shipped them and when they should be getting here? I’ll check here or my pm’s. Please let me know whats up.

I’m interested in the Q4RAF! Pm’d!

Responded to all. And I recieved the new PCB for my Qanba Q4RAF today and everything seems to be working fine. I am debating on keeping it or selling it.