WTS/WTT:7800gs oc agp 256mb

Geforce 7800gs oc agp 256mb
60 USD+shipping OBO

i dont think it will include CD that it came with, but i can look around for it.
for more information.

shipping only in the continental US.
PM me if youre interested.

things i want for trade
-laptop cooler/fan
-ps3 games

added pelican adapter.

bump prices lowered.

Does the Pelican adapter work?

oh, yeah.
i have two >___<

one broken one, one that works.

the one im selling is obviously the one that works.

my offer is 40 shipped for the vid card. pm if you’re interested, if not dont pm.

Why would he go down $80 for the card?

Because hes actually not to far off. The Radeon 4850, which is around 170-200, or a 8XXX series from Nvidia new, are in the low 100’s or even lower. I would put the video card at around 60 bucks shipped if you want to be fair. Erik hopefully don’t think I am thread crapping on ya ;), but if you want to sell it, that would be my opinion.

The pelican is at a great price, I want 80 for mine, so anyone who wants one, pick that up!

Ninja Edit: You could go for 80 since its AGP, and harder to find, but I still stick around my price ;), laterz

yeah, thanks a lot. i have no idea about quality and price of newer video cards. i just looked up the price of them and then chopped it down a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

oh whoa. i didnt see it’s agp i just assumed it’s pci-e. like others have said you should be able to get 60ish since it’s agp.

i’m looking for pci-e.

thanks again.


pelican on hold.
price drop on video card.

pelican available again

Bring back the Pokemon :(, GL

bump price lowered on video card.