WTS/WTT: A few randoms (Sealed Nintendo Box, PS2 Betas, Mario Pinball Land, etc...)

Paypal only, via gift
U.S. only

Uncirculated and still sealed. This is a box from Nintendo that has 6 Sealed SNES F-Zero carts in side.

This is for the Nintendo Collector, and probably won’t come around again.

Do you open the box and have them graded, or keep it sealed in hopes it’ll get more valuable over the years?

These carts have never seen the light of day! Box is in very good condition.



  • $120 shipped

Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerebrus BETA disc IMPORT. -** $35 shipped**


Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Preview ROM.

Here is a video that Borman made when he had the disc:

  • SOLD


Mario Pinball Land GBA -$10 Shipped


Aaahh! Real Monsters (Sega Genesis) Sealed - $15 shipped



here is the stuff i’m looking for as far as trades go:

[*]A Japanese Sega Saturn w/all hook-ups + a controller. has to be able to play Japanese games.

[*]Space Station: Silicon Valley N64. Complete or loose

[*]Skate 3 PS3

[*]Nintendo DS Lite

[]Bulletproof Web Design by Dan Cederholm
]Css Mastery by Andy Budd
[]Stylin’ with CSS: A Designer’s Guide by Charles Wyke-Smith
]Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design by Andy Clarke

more when I think of it. . .

Holy wow If that payment doesn’t go through for that Re:Com beta I’ll surely bite!
crosses fingers

Wow, these Beta Discs are cool.
And I still have that Sega Genesis game.

It is fine that you ask to receive PayPal Gift.
But you cannot ask for Buyer to add the PayPal Fees.
That is against PayPal TOS, and also against SRK Trading Outlet; Infraction will happen.

Thank you JDM for posting that. Also we don’t allow PSP’s with custom firmware on here so please remove that.

thread is fixed to comply with rules… … … … .


Added a box of Sealed F-Zero carts from Nintendo.

also, i’m looking for a sega saturn that can play japanese games.