WTS/WTT: Arcade In A Box Joystick - American Style

Selling these for a friend of mine. First Up I’ve got an AIAB American Style joystick for 360 with “dragon” artwork
***Look to trade for a PSP 2000

[1] AIAB (Xbox 360) - $120 +Shipping

Shipments go out on friday, paypal available, international orders please get a shipping quote first, local pickup available. Post here instead of PM’ing so I can keep track and people know what’s left/available. THANKS!

8 buttons hacked?

Sorry, only 6 buttons :coffee:

you still have that padhack?

Yup, i’ve still got 6 button Madcatz 360 padhacked PCB’s available

Price drop on the AIAB stick and sold a PCB

I’ll take a 6 button padhack.

I’m sending it to my bro in Cali. If you still have one available, send me a PM with your PP info and shipping costs and we can get this done. FYI, my friend’s zip is 95757. Thanks.

You’ve got the last PCB, I’ll send you a pm

All 360 PCB’s SOLD! Another Price drop on the AIAB

Go Go Gadget Price Drop!

AIAB is now $120 + Shipping, international buyers welcome!

anything you want in trade for that AIAB?

I’ll give you a 360 TE stick (brand new) , and 6 white sanwa buttons (also new) for it. I live in socal so we can deal locally without having to mail.

the TE comes with sanwa buttons…

Hey some interest, well alright! :tup:

What do you got for trade?

I’ll think about it, get back to you on thursday. Locally sounds good

I wonder if he meant 6 sanwa buttons in addition to the stick maybe? :wonder:

You should put your responses below the quote BTW. It took me a minute to figure out what you were saying to whom.

I have lots of stuff, and access to even more, so if there is anything your looking for, just let me know.

but i cant do local. :frowning: and yes, i knew he meant to in addition to the stick.

So that’s the convetion aye? Under the quote box? GENIUS! I’ll get back to ya’ll wednesday night on trade details.

:wink: yup

sounds good. I’d love to get this stick. But I dont really have the cash ATM.

lemme know. maybe, maybe not :tup:

FALCON BUMP! For trade wants

Will trade the AIAB stick for a PSP2000

Changed thread title to reflect my openness to a trade. Looking for a PSP 2000

Still have the stick? Still need a PSP 2000? PM ME!